Summer Update: Checking In with Natalie DuBoise from Women’s Soccer

Natalie in Europe during Summer Abroad Program
Natalie (centered) in Europe during Summer Abroad Program

I’ve always had the travel bug. My parents traveled the world for the first sixteen years of their marriage before settling down and having kids. So when Lipscomb provided me the opportunity to go to Europe, take six credit hours, make new friends, and get to travel to countries I have always dreamed about going to, it was hard to say no. London was the coolest city. I loved the attitude of the people and the chance to explore a city that never ran out of things to do. My favorite part of the trip, however, was the people I got to meet. I went into a foreign country knowing no one, and now I consider the girls I met some of my best friends. Whether it was doing our homework in hipster coffee shops, playing charades at night, or trying to figure out how to travel to another country as cheaply as possible, the bonds and laughs we shared were unforgettable, and I am excited to go back to Nashville with new friends outside of the soccer team. One of the weekends in Europe, I traveled to Amsterdam, Netherlands with five other girls.  Although I could share a million stories from my time there, the absolute best day was when I took a bike tour throughout the city and go to live like a true local and hear the history of this amazing city. I also traveled to Ireland with two other girls where we took a full day tour of the countryside and saw the historic castles. There was plenty to do in England as well, with my highlight of the trip being seeing a soccer game in Wembley Stadium.

Natalie at Wembly Soccer Stadium
Natalie at Wembley Stadium

I could ramble on forever about the amazing experiences I was fortunate to have during my month in Europe. I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to travel abroad to do it because I came home more open-minded, more independent, and more willing to try new things. It’s amazing what you can see when you leave your little bubble of comfort. If I had to do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat and go to all the countries I have added to my list of must-sees before I die. After returning from Europe, my summer is busy.  While I love traveling, love Nashville and Lipscomb; coming home is unbeatable. New Mexico is one of those places that you don’t realize how special it is until you go away.  I frequently get asked what there is to do in Albuquerque, and while we may not have beaches, and driving to another state takes at least six hours, there is so much active fun to be had basically right in my backyard. Deemed one of the fittest cities in America, Albuquerque gives me so many opportunities to be active and to live in the moment. My typical summer day… I go from soccer practice with a New Mexico U18 girl’s team in the morning to adventuring with my friends in the afternoon and evening and of course trying to get in shape to pass our fitness tests come pre-season!

Running trails from my house through the Bosque lead me right to the bank of the river, where I often sit and spend quality time with God.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 3.59.29 PM

I recently hiked the famous La Luz trail with a group of friends-a nine-mile hike that climbs up the Sandia Mountains that stand an astonishing 10, 378 feet. Two hours north of Albuquerque lies the quaint town of Taos where multiple trails lead you up to Wheeler Peak, the highest point in New Mexico at 13,000 feet.

A photo from Taos where Natalie went hiking.
A photo from Taos where we hiked.

An hour east of Albuquerque is the city of Santa Rosa, where cliff diving is the norm. I live near the Rio Grande River, which runs right through the city. It may not be much of a river, but people are always kayaking or tubing down it.  I love the active lifestyle and couldn’t imagine a better summer in my beautiful home state.

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