Summer Update with Kathryn Evans from Women’s Tennis

Kathryn is thrid from right in light blue shirt.
Kathryn is third from right in a light blue shirt and braids.
Over the summer, I have experienced the most love, encouragement and community from a group that I only met a month and a half ago. I have been working at Camp Greystone as a counselor for 8 weeks now. Greystone is located in Tuxedo, NC which is about 30 minutes south of Asheville.  The Greystone community is a very encouraging and refreshing environment. I am surrounded by about 100 other college aged girls who create a very positive atmosphere. Every morning when we are finished with breakfast, campers and counselors sing songs in the dining hall, then Jimboy, the director, speaks at Breakfast Club. Following breakfast is morning assembly where we sing praise and worship music and hear a devotion from the camp minister. Greystone isn’t specifically a Christian camp, but it does integrate Christianity in almost every aspect throughout the day.
Unselfishness and joy from the campers and counselors radiates all throughout the camp. Just the other day I was running on the track during my free period and one of the campers saw me and immediately jumped in to run with me. I realized that she not only helped me by telling me to keep going, but she actually was there with me. The camper wanted to do it with me, because she saw that I was challenged. Instead of sitting back to watch me finish on my own, she chose to come along and run with me.
The spirit at Greystone is all about unselfishness and it truly is present in all of the girls.
I have loved still being involved in a tennis environment throughout the summer. Six days a week I teach tennis for 7-forty minute class periods. After seeing these girls improve their tennis skill every day for five weeks, I have developed such a love for each of them. I have also enjoyed getting to know the tennis staff. We have such a diverse, yet incredible staff that works so well together. The days may seem long, but nothing is better than seeing another counselor who is still energized after weeks on the job. I constantly receive so much encouragement from those around me.
Camp Greystone is a special place that brings 500 girls together from all across the country. They make best friends here that otherwise they would never have encountered outside of Greystone. Separation from technology creates an additional bond with one another. Campers and counselors learn to have deep meaningful conversations without being tempted by a phone. This summer has been full of growth, but as summer comes to an end I am eager to get back to the team to start another season ahead.
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.21.56 PM
Kathryn Evans is a rising sophomore this 2015-2016 school year for the Lipscomb Women’s Tennis team.

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