Celebrating 3 student-athlete’s baptisms!

Ethos Church Baptism Service
Ethos Church Baptism Service

Last week, on Sunday evening, there were three members of the Lipscomb Women’s Cross Country team that decided to follow through in their faith in Christ…  Sophomore Kayla Montgomery, 5th year Senior Transfer Kate Bucknam, and recently graduated Missy Dowd each chose to be baptized Sunday Evening at Ethos Church in Nashville, TN!

Missy Dowd & Teammates celebrating tub side!
Missy Dowd & Teammates celebrating tub side!

This is what Kate Bucknam had to share about her decision to be baptized…

So this weekend I made the spontaneous decision to get baptized. It has been something that has been on my heart for a while, I was just waiting for the right time for it to present itself. Sunday night felt like the right moment. I was surrounded by my teammates, who I’ve only known for a total of 16 days at this point, but who I now feel are my sisters. As we worshiped together, I felt the Lord tugging on my heart to make the declaration that Jesus is my Lord and Savior through this representation of being alive in Christ. As I wrestled with the decision through a couple songs during worship l realized there was nothing to question. I stood up and went up to my coach, Jenny, who was standing in the back, and asked if she’d baptize me tonight. It was an incredible moment…to be in an atmosphere consumed by the Holy Spirit, surrounded by the people you love most, and dunked in the water by someone I look up to tremendously as a coach who lives by example by daily running to Jesus. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. God is ready to do some big things with this team- He already is. That night I experienced a new depth in my relationship with God and a deeper connection with my sisters and brothers in Christ. To see how God uses this team through our vulnerability, boldness, and desire to simply know him more is what will make this team everything that it is called to be and will be incredible to witness.

Click the link below to watch Kate’s baptism!

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