Lipscomb Men’s Golf Retreat

golf guys bench
Men’s Golf Coaches and a few of the guys from the team.
The Men’s Golf team started their year off with something very unique and different from the past. The coaching staff decided it was important to start this years journey away from the golf course, and rather focus on the relationships and the direction this program is headed. For 24 hours, the team lived in perfect unity. They ate meals, played games, enjoyed a camp fire, got to know each other beyond the course, and relied on each other during a high ropes challenge. The only discord was on the paintball course, but even then, the laughter and excitement only drew the team closer.
Men's Golf members balance on a tight rope across the tree tops.
Men’s Golf members balance and walk across a tight rope between trees.
Junior Mikey Feher shared his thoughts after the retreat saying,
“Going into the trip I honestly did not want to go. I have never been a fan of retreats to recreational camps, but once we got there and began to get engaged in activities, I felt as though the team became much closer. I also found myself enjoying the trip as well.”
Men's Golf Team and Coach Brewer as the
Men’s Golf Team and Coach Brewer as the “Ref.”

“Not partaking in this trip in years past was a huge mistake. This trip at some point or another challenged all of us in a way which we were uncomfortable and had to rely on our teammates. It provided a few hours with each other away from golf, our phones, and the outside world to get to know each other through unfamiliar experiences and challenges.”

Mikey Feher, Junio, Lipscomb Men's Golf
Mikey Feher, Junior, Lipscomb Men’s Golf
Every person travels a road. Every team travels a road, and for this Men’s Golf Team, THE ROAD TO AMAZING is where they are headed….
For more information on the Men’s Golf Program please visit

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