To My Future Self

future self letter head

By: Alex Newby

Last year, our students wrote letters to their future selves at one of the first FCA meetings of the school year. The hope was that students would write how they hoped to grow closer to God throughout the year and make goals for themselves spiritually. For some, that meant writing down the things that God had taught them in their current season of life that they did not want to forget or stray from in the future. For others, it was just a fun reason to write silly notes to their future selves.

A few examples of letters/envelopes students wrote to their future selves.


Either way, delivering the letters a year later has been a fun, and sometimes funny experience for us. Many athletes look at us, confused and bewildered, as to why we are handing them an envelope with their own handwriting on it. Some don’t remember writing the letter to themselves, even after we remind them. Either way, for all of you Office fans out there, handing back letters has reminded us of this funny thirty second clip:

As funny as this clip is, most of the students took the letter writing pretty seriously. FCA President, Dalton Keck says,

“I think that writing a letter to myself is a really good tangible reminder of God’s faithfulness. In this next year, I’m going to be graduating, getting a job, and getting married. Right now, I have no idea what job I will have or where we will be living so it is kind of neat to write to myself and know that when I get the letter back, I will be able to see all of the ways that God has worked in my life since then and how I have grown in Him through that process. As I’m writing to myself, I have no idea what my life will look like when I open the letter in a year, but I trust in God’s sovereignty and know that I will be able to look back and see how He has walked with me through it all.”

So that is our challenge to you on this Thanksgiving break; write a letter to your future self!  Whether it’s warning you or someone else not to drink the coffee, or reminding yourself of truths to encourage your future self; reflect and thank God this week for the faithfulness you have seen from Him this past year, and write a letter of encouragement to yourself for next year.

One suggestion would be to do this on Thanksgiving day with your family and/or friends, and plan to open them next year; it might just become a new Thanksgiving tradition!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 8.35.59 AM

Alex Newby, Lipscomb Athletics Spiritual Formation Graduate Student

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