Dawson Armstrong: Using the Platform of Golf to Glorify Christ

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Lipscomb golfer, sophomore Dawson Armstrong, has experienced more athletic success in his year and half of collegiate golf than most athletes experience in a lifetime. Currently ranked 25th as an amateur golfer in the world, Armstrong has a long list of accomplishments to his name. Among those are his first place finishes in the Dogwood Invitational, the Memphis Intercollegiate, and the prestigious Western Amateur.

Most recently, however, he travelled to Melbourne, Australia to compete in the Australian Master of the Amateurs against some of the best amateur golfers in the world.

We got a chance to catch up with Dawson upon his return and hear a little bit about the experience and, most importantly, how he has seen God working in his life through his whirlwind of experiences and successes as a golfer.


Question: How did you see God during your trip to Australia?

Dawson: To see a completely different world really changes your perspective on how God works.  Seeing that I can be in a plane for 21 hours and still not even go halfway across the globe is hard to grasp.  God really showed up in places where I did not exactly expect.  I saw God in the beaches, sure, but it was more of the little things for me like seeing flocks of parrots, seeing the diversity of people, and the love that the Australians show to people that they have no affiliation with.

Question: As a golfer, how did this specific tournament and experience impact you?

Dawson: This is a question that I have really focused on.  I learned very quickly the importance of patience.  I had to be ok with processing things correctly, yet the result not being good in the end.  This all really got under my skin, but once the tournament was over I looked back and saw this as the biggest lesson I learned from the entire trip.

Question: How did this specific trip and tournament impact you as a Christian?

Dawson: This trip showed me that there is a lot more than simply Nashville, Tennessee.  I met people that had no idea of what God and Christianity is all about.  The only real Christian affiliation in all of Melbourne was Hillsong Church in downtown Melbourne.  To see so little Christianity in the people helped me to notice that me living my life out as a Christian and telling others about Christ is my main job, and we as Christians have a long way to go in order to truly reach out to all ends of the world.

Question: You are currently #25 in the world and are well-known and respected in the golf world. How do you hope to take this platform and use it to glorify God/point others’ eyes to Him when they see or think of you?

Dawson: I hope to use this honor as a platform to show others of God’s love for the world.  This is quite the task knowing that most people that I come in contact with are either already Christians or want nothing to do with Christianity.  I always try, though, to make the name of Christ known to everyone I come in contact with.  To have a higher respect by my peers is a blessing because it lets me show them, however it may be, that I did not get where I am without God’s intervention and great love.

2015 Western Amateur at Rich Harvest Farms on Saturday August 8, 2015. Charles Cherney Photography


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Written By: Alex Newby, Lipscomb Athletics Spiritual Formation

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