Man Time.


This evening of Man Time is scheduled usually around Valentine’s Day week, and playfully has adopted the nick-name “Male-entine’s” since the ladies event is called “Gal-entine’s.”  Man Time: a night full of all things manly.

Man Time is an evening set apart for the fellas to gather and enjoy Kan Jam, Nintendo 64, corn hole, pizza, friendship, and Jesus. It was a time to come and hear what it means to be a man of Jesus in our world today, regardless of the definition the world offers.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.46.34 AM
Corey Toy, speaker at Man Time.

Corey Toy, a former Ohio State and professional hockey player shared his incredible story of redemption and forgiveness. Corey was the speaker for the evening, and he lives out what it looks like to be a Godly man. He spoke truth into the men gathered at FCA, talking about the men God calls us to be, rather than what the world tells defines as a “man.” He shared countless stories of men throughout the Bible who were fierce warriors, yet displayed true power by selflessly giving their lives away, fully surrendered to the plans of the Lord. Corey said,

“It’s great to see so many men at Lipscomb passionate about investing in their talents, both as athletes and men. Society has skewed the perception of what manliness looks like. I’m thankful to see men passionate about the Biblical example of manhood we have in Jesus.”

Corey challenged each young man in the room to think about the way they guard and protect the hearts of young ladies through dating, and leading women in their relational lives.  Corey shared the importance of boundaries, and clear communication. After hearing Corey boldly speak truth, each of our hearts and minds were challenged to think about our calling as men.

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Several athletes shared their reflections:

“I thought Man Time was beneficial. Corey was real with us and spoke truth about how to respect and honor girls, that all guys could relate to and need to hear. It was awesome to see how God used his story of brokenness and sin to transform him into a great man of God. Something he said is “its way easier to give in to sexual temptation than to resist” he then quoted some guy saying “sexual restraint rather than sexual prowess was once the measure of a man.”  Cam Botes, Junior, Soccer


“I really enjoyed hearing the true unfiltered heart of a man who was healed by God. Corey is an inspiration and it is amazing to see how God can help to pull you out of the deepest holes if you trust in Him and let Him lead you in life. God is always greater and his love is visible in Corey’s life. It was also a great night hanging out and playing games with a bunch of dudes.” Hunter Printz, Junior, Cross Country and Track


“Malentines was great. It was a night filled with N64, Buffalo Wild Wings, Kan Jam, and Jesus. I loved how transparent Corey was in sharing his story with everyone and how God has used seasons of his life to bring about growth and restoration. He also spoke about what our society tells us about manliness versus what scripture tells us about being a man of God. I think everyone left encouraged, challenged, and with a fresh perspective on biblical manhood.” -Dalton Keck, Senior, FCA President


I loved how transparent the speaker was with us. This was a guy who had a total 180 in what life was all about and meant to him. Being able to make that type of change takes guts and trust in God. I thought his message was a great reminder to be honest with myself and where I’m at knowing that is where God wants to meet me.  A real man does have and does show emotions and I have found that when I share on a deeper level with my friends, those are the relationships that flourish.” Sam Remington, Sophomore, Cross Country and Track

This was a night full of honesty, transparency, brotherhood, laughter, truth, and ultimately revealing the heart of Jesus for each of us as men. We were able to live out the words of Hebrews 13:1, when we are told to “Keep on loving one another as brothers.”


Written By Lipscomb Spiritual Formation Team Member, Aaron Spragg.

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