What God Has Taught Me Through Sport: Men’s Soccer, Buddy Ramirez and Scout Monteith

What God has taught me through sport:


This past year GOD has been showing me how to live a life of worship and be in his presence constantly. I used to think that “worship” was just a thing one does at the beginning of a church service on a Sunday, but boy was I wrong. A life of worship starts with the smallest of detail, starting from just thanking him for another day of life to soccer to loving people around you. Living a life for his glory and constantly thanking him for his goodness has transformed me from the inside out. I’m beyond thankful for what Jesus has done in my life and how he continues to transform my inner man day in and day out! God is so good!  – “Buddy” Jonathon Ramirez


Scout Monteith

One thing that God has taught me through soccer this year is to surrender the “little” control I thought I had and be content with what I’ve been given. Over the past four years, a lot my days have often been dictated by my performance and play. When I have a bad game/practice, I ended up letting that dictate the rest of my day. However, this one year is the year where I didn’t let that affect me. This year when things didn’t go my way, I didn’t let it get to me and I went to the next thing I had to do. It’s funny to because this has been my best year at Lipscomb. Also, I ended up have a much more enjoyable time playing with my teammates and developed even better relationships with every single one of our coaches. To sum it all up, I have found/realized that we are not made to control every aspect of our lives and need to trust in the process that God has provided.   – Scout Monteith


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Lipscomb Men’s Soccer

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