What God Has Taught Me Through Sport: Lipscomb Volleyball – Taylor Racich & Morgan Elmore

What God has taught me through Volleyball:


God has taught me the gift of being on a team! I had 12 teammates and for me it was special to think that Jesus had 12 disciples. Spending time with my teammates off the court made me realize what it was probably like for Jesus to constantly be with his 12.  I have learned from my teammates, but been inspired by the Lipscomb volleyball staff! Pre game locker room speeches by Brandon, dance parties with Billy as the MC, warming up Peppering with Justin Beachy. Inspiring videos from MJ!

God showed me how to have fun playing the sport I have grown up playing.

The staff developed their relationships with us that made it a healthy environment for everyone. We became a family fast because we spent so much time together in community!

Taylor Racich, Senior, Lipscomb Volleyball




After my first season of college volleyball, I can say I learned more than I ever expected. God taught me things about volleyball, my school, my teammates, myself, and my faith this season. Looking back, I see how God played a part in all of these things. Personally, this season was something completely new. I wasn’t sure of exactly what it would be like.

In the beginning, I was nervous at times, but grew to trust in my coaches, teammates, and God.

Several struggles occurred for the team early on in the season, with some difficult losses, but we took a step back and decided to just have fun playing the game we love. Although these times were heartbreaking and difficult, I now see what God’s plan was. He placed us in struggle in order to find strength in each other, ultimately making us ready for success. We were constantly reminded of our many blessings, and volleyball was just a piece of our happiness, not all of it. The support from the Lipscomb community is among these blessings, and the team is in the position it is because of these people that God placed in our lives. I realized that I am lucky to attend a university and be on a team that keeps faith as a priority. I believe God has a plan for every person, and I am grateful that He made Lipscomb a part of mine.

Morgan Elmore, Freshman, Lipscomb Volleyball


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Twitter: @LipscombVball
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lipscombvolleyball/

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