Why I Coach Women’s Basketball: Courtney Locke

Why I coach?

Courtney Locke, Lipscomb Women’s Basketball, Associate Head Coach
I got the itch my freshman year of college playing for Hall of Fame coach C Vivian Stringer. She didn’t just coach, she taught us the game. I would watch film with her when we traveled, tell her when I saw adjustments and many times be put in my place since I was the player (lol).
By my junior year she allowed me to introduce plays to my teammates and they would grill me as much as they could- but I was prepared. Finally my senior year was over, and I decided I wanted to coach. I had a teammate that wanted to go overseas and tryout for the WNBA, so I worked her out everyday after the season until we graduated in May.  Eleven years ago this season I found my purpose; after several coaching interviews, I landed my first D1 coaching job at UTSA.
My college coach instilled in us to never settle for crumbs. To be confident and strong women, and that we could do anything. I have felt that way ever since the day I left Rutgers campus.  I coach to instill those same values in every young woman that I come across. Not that they can just chase their dreams but that they can make them a reality.
To watch a young girl come in as a freshman and to see her grow mentally, physically and spiritually into a young woman ready for the world is why I coach.
 I truly believe with passion, love, grace, discipline, hard work and sacrifice – anything is possible. I hope and pray they know that as well!
Join us for the final game of the season tonight!
Lipscomb Women’s Baskeball 

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