Summer Update with Lipscomb Student-Athletes.

This summer, I had the opportunity to go to Malawi, Africa on a two-week mission trip with the volleyball team. I worked in Blessings Hospital with Jenni Whitefield at the pediatric clinic, along with helping out the surgical team in post-op recovery care on the first day of their trip. From the beautiful sunrises over the horizon, to the smiling faces of the children in Mtendere Village, God was very real and alive during my trip in Malawi.

One thing this trip and God taught me during my time in Africa is that happiness can only be fulfilled through Him.

Worldly possessions will never be enough to live a truly meaningful life, but instead looking to God and knowing He is enough is what will bring fulfillment.

Jenny Phelan



My summer has been pretty busy. We just had our last summer basketball workout on Tuesday and now I’m at the beach for a week! I’ve spent most of my summer playing basketball and fishing. I have had a whole lot of fun with just hanging out with all the guys! We have some really great guys on our team!

One thing that God has shown me this summer is that He can be seen anywhere.

It does not matter where you are, God will make himself present in your life! I think it is really easy to see the power of God while sitting at the beach! There are so many things about the scenery and the fish that swim in the ocean that just show you how incredible God is. I see God the best when I’m sitting on the beach with a line in the water.  It’s so cool to watch how God paints the sky with all sorts of different colors at sunset here. It has been clearer this summer that God is everywhere!

John Matt Merritt


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