Summer Update with Men’s Cross Country Runner Brent Leber

Well, my summer got off to a rough start when I found out that I had been fighting a stress fracture in my lower back for the last 3 weeks of the season. I was down in Nashville when I felt something wrong. I came home and visited an orthopedic specialist who sent me to get an MRI. The scan revealed a grade 4 fracture (the most severe) in my sacrum, which connects the vertebrae in the back to the pelvis. I have not been able to run all summer, but have been able to cross train doing non-impact activities just to keep me sane. I’ve also been working at a local gym part-time as an intern doing any jobs needed of me. This may include putting away equipment, cleaning weight machines, and greeting daily customers with a smile on my face. Other than working and cross training my summer has been pretty low-key.

Through all of my experiences this summer I think the biggest thing God has taught me is contentment.

I just read a verse this morning from Philippians 4:11 when Paul writes, “I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content with whatever the circumstances.” Obviously I didn’t ask to be sidelined all summer with a stress fracture. I didn’t ask to be in pain and struggling as I competed at the ASUN championships in Jacksonville.

However, God’s plan is greater than anything I could ever dream for my own life.

As difficult as it is, I have been trying to be content with my situation, knowing that God is leading me through this trial for a reason so much bigger than myself. I’m thankful everyday to have a loving father that cares for his children and hope to continue to try to be a positive person in the lives of so many other people who are struggling far worse than I am. I pray that God can help use me for his kingdom. This pain is temporary, but God’s love and guidance lasts forever.

Brent Leber


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