Summer Update with Women’s Basketball Player Carleigh Short.

Since leaving school at the end of June I have been working and taking a CNA class at NHC Sumner in Gallatin, TN. I am working as a nurse assistant in the long-term care part of the facility. As cliché as it may sound, after working at this place and meeting so many wonderful people, God is teaching me not to take a moment for granted. We go through life saying, “I can’t wait to…” fill in the blank with anything. In elementary school we couldn’t wait to get to middle school, in middle school we couldn’t wait to get to high school. In high school if we could just graduate everything would be good again, you get to college and find yourself looking forward to when you can just work and settle with a family. One day you’ll look back and you’re in one of these facilities having to be fed by someone else. God has every single moment perfectly planned for our lives and often times we just want to fast forward. Enjoy the moments God has planned for you because I promise you they are so much better than anything you could ever imagine doing on your own. God is teaching me to live in the moment, and puts love unconditionally in my heart for those around me each and every day, and for that I am forever thankful.


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