What did you do this summer? (Olivia Doak, Women’s Soccer)

The highlight of my summer was the trip we took to Trinidad and Tobago.


This summer I’ve had the privilege to live in North Carolina and play for the Charlotte Lady Eagles. The Eagles are a sports ministry that use soccer has a platform to share the Gospel in Charlotte and also around the world. The coaches bring in college aged girls from different universities who are desiring to excel in soccer as well as in their faith. We train six days a week in an academy style environment and play 9 matches throughout the summer. The ministry provides many opportunities for the players to not only  play soccer, but also to transform the way you play and utilize your skills to witness to others about Jesus. They aspire to be a group of Christians who happen to play soccer and not soccer players who happen to be Christians.

Over the course of my time here, I have experienced SMT (sports ministry training), ran countless soccer clinics for kids, help at eagles youth camp, go on tour to Trinidad and Tobago, build incredible friendships, and so much more.

The highlight of my summer was the trip we took to Trinidad and Tobago. Over the course of our ten days on the island, we were able to play and remain undefeated throughout 4 games, including against their country’s U20 and full senior national teams. After the games, we always circled up, gave them a gift, shared about our purpose as a team, and one of our players would share a part of their testimony. We ran around a dozen clinics for kids in soccer academies, schools and orphanages around the area; the kids we met on the island were so full of joy and gratitude. I was able to experience so many inheritances of God’s love for us through the people, my teammates and by the island’s beauty.

I have never experienced the fulfillment you receive from the Lord when you relentlessly seek Him until this summer. I learned so much about who God is and what walking with Him actually looks like.

Many people have asked me to describe my summer, and the best I can do is sum it up to an analogy. In El Salvador over spring break with my Lipscomb team, I accepted Jesus into my heart and got baptized; I feel like I met the contractor (Jesus), decided to build a house (my life), and we made a blueprint. With my time with the Eagles, I feel like I built a strong foundation; a fountain built upon truth that I can continually build on.

I have absolutely loved my summer and time spent with the Eagles. I feel equipped to step back into my team at Lipscomb with a new sense of freedom, confidence and desire to be a better player, teammate, and daughter of God.



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To learn more about the Charlotte Eagles, visit: http://www.charlotteeagles.com/

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