Student-Athlete Reflections: Nashville Mission Trip

feitenphotography-58I realized that when we are so focused on ourselves, the easiest way to combat that is to serve others. Serving God through this community alongside my peers was the perfect way for God to open my eyes.” Austin Chitwood


feitenphotography-1“Our trip was one of the most real pictures of how God intended for our lives to be lived. We prayed to God with confidence and pleaded to Him and praised Him together, and I was and am just overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness.” Hannah Hutcheson


IMG_4567“I am amazed every trip what happens when one fully commits themselves to the Lord and the group of people around them. It was an exhausting few days, but also very restful at the same time. It never fails that these trips always bring me closer to understanding what it looks and feels like to be more like Jesus.” Kade Hinkle


IMG_4520“I could look around and see the presence of God within everyone on the team. The only one I failed to see it in was myself, which is why it was so impacting when they spoke truth into my life. The group shared, in specific examples, how they saw Jesus in me and working through me as I played with these kids. Through a community that was willing to point out the fruits that I was baring, I have been greatly impacted and reminded that God is, in fact, working in my life.” Sam Remington


feitenphotography-20“That was the best weekend of my life.” Trevor Gold


feitenphotography-31“The beautiful part about this whole weekend is that it doesn’t end here! Since fall break, most of these students have been back to serve the kids they met. Serving locally has such profound impact as it interrupts the selfish rhythms we get stuck in and focuses our hearts and lives back onto Jesus.” Team Leader Lacey Klotz

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