Meet the Spiritual Formation Core Leadership Team

This semester, we have shifted our focus away from the programs and onto the leaders, which has adjusted the overall vision of Spiritual Formation within Lipscomb Athletics.

The Spiritual Formation Core Leadership Team consists of 10 student-athletes who we have empowered to help lead and advocate for various Spiritual Formation programs, both on-campus and off. Through this role, student-athletes are able to pursue areas of passion, while walking alongside and encouraging their peers to participate in opportunities to serve, live on mission and ultimately live into the greater story God is calling us to. We have witnessed the Spirit of God moving, and through this authentic discipleship model, we have seen students grow in leadership and community, as well as grow in their relationship with The Lord.


ryan speer “My hope is to encourage guys through their faith journey by coming alongside them, to pray for them, and actively see their faith being played out in their lives. Being in a group of guys that holds each other accountable by getting in the word and praying for each other has been extremely beneficial.” Ryan Speer


audrey ann beck “I am currently preparing to help lead a mission trip, because after experiencing my first trip, I know God is calling me towards missions. I want to grow, not only internationally, but learning and challenging others to be mission-minded in everyday life.” Audrey Ann Beck


olivia doak “Being a core leader has changed my college experience by opening up opportunities to step into the talents and gifts that God has given me. It has allowed me to gain amazing community with people who are passionate about Jesus, but also who have different talents that show me different parts of God’s heart.” Olivia Doak


jenna pealor “As a senior, looking back on my past three years, I have desired a community like this core leadership team. I have desired being around those who simply aren’t satisfied and want more. Being a core leader has ignited a fire in my soul to dig deep and run toward the Father in order to encourage, lead, grow, and walk with my sisters in Christ.” Jenna Pealor


jared peters “Being a core leader has helped me be more intentional about my faith. I have built consistency into my schedule to develop relationships and I hope that I can help others build consistency in areas they are passionate about as well.” Jared Peters


caroline wasserman “I consider the core leadership team my family. Through this experience, I have had the chance to live more fully into my calling of serving others and has better prepared me for my future vocation in ministry.” Caroline Wasserman


a53f662d-577a-4fa8-98ad-9fea3792b4ef “The best part of being a core leader is getting to do something I love and walking closely alongside my friends getting to do things that they love. I have found a group of people that I totally trust to take care of my heart and who will push me to be more like Jesus every day.” Hannah Hutcheson


john green “The best part of being a core leader has been seeing the group of students that frequently come to FCA and how there is a real connection between everyone beyond simply hanging out on Tuesday nights.” John Green


pari manoogian “I am most passionate about the Lord’s work being done at Carter Lawrence through Sports Fun Club. Carter Lawrence has already and continues to shape my spiritual growth at Lipscomb, and it is evidence that God has a great plan for me in advancing the Kingdom through this role!” Pari Manoogian

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