Life within Lipscomb Athletics is about more than a game and our worth as athletes.  We believe that God is writing a story with each and every person’s life.  This blog is about capturing some of these stories of #OurTeam and sharing them with you. Our hope within Lipscomb Athletics Spiritual Formations is to encourage our athletes and staff to grow in knowing God and better understand how their gifts and talents can bring Glory to Him when our purpose is greater than serving ourselves.  The stories that are shared will cover the personal testimonies, mission trip adventures, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) retreats and gatherings, baptisms, and outreach service projects.

We would love for you to join #OurTeam! This is a Lipscomb Athletics mantra.  #OurTeam means we are all one. It’s not about that one sport, or that one athlete – it’s about all of our sports, all of our athletes, all of our coaches, and all of the people behind the scenes that serve, work, clean, mow, paint, light, connect, and cheer on the Bisions, to make Lipscomb Athletics be who we are. #OurTeam and #BeHerd are twitter handles that you can also link on twitter to see tweets and pics of Lipscomb Athletic Events.

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Lipscomb Athletics Mission Trips
The many faces and places of OurTeam’s mission trips.