Scout Monteith baptized on day 4 of the team's mission trip.
Scout Monteith baptized on day 4 of the team’s mission trip.

In December of 2013, Coach Charles Morrow and Chris Klotz led the Men’s Soccer team on a mission trip to Trinidad.  Below is an insert of the team’s journal kept on the trip.

(Originally posted December 23, 2013)

After our daily morning meeting, we departed to the Youth Training Center, a center that held young men from the ages of 16-25 to help them get their lives back on the right track, to play them in a little game of football (or soccer as you may know it). The guys there were more than excited to be able to play us and hardly talked to us before the game. However, once the game got under way, you could see smiles on their faces and how much fun that they were having.

Afterwards, we got the opportunity to sit down and talk to them for a few minutes and find out about their lives. By the way that they talked to us, the questions that they asked, and their reactions to some of the things that they said, it was easy to tell that it wasn’t very often that they had a complete stranger be interested in getting to know them. Because of that, they really thought a lot about us and were disappointed when we had to part ways.

No one wanted our time together to end but we said our goodbyes knowing that not only were we impacted but that we impacted them as well. We finally arrived back at Anton’s castle after our match against Trinidad’s 20U team and ready to go to hit the hay. But before we did, we were blessed to be able to listen to Anton’s amazing story about the many things that God has blessed him with and that every day is a mission. It was one of the most inspiring and touching testimonies that I have ever heard and even trying to describe it doesn’t give it justice. Once again, it was another successful day for the Kingdom of God and for us coming together as a team.

Jared Hensley

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