Spring Semester Recap: Spiritual Formation in Lipscomb Athletics


What a semester and year it has been! We have continued our partnership with Carter Lawrence Elementary after-school sports program with our Lipscomb Athletic teams; we have gone on multiple mission trips; we have grown in community through FCA, Bible studies, and mentoring; and we have seen over 7 student-athletes baptized this spring! Praise Jesus – we are thankful He is about a transformational relationship and uniquely meeting us each where we are!

Click on the link to see our Athletics Spiritual Formation Spring Semester Recap in full:  SF SPRING 2017 recap



This summer we are sending multiple teams on mission trips, if you would like to be part of the ‘sending’ team, please join us in praying! Additionally, if you would like to give a financial donation, please click this link: https://www.lipscomb.edu/giving/loose-giving-forms/student-mission-gifts  (please note what team, or student-athlete you are desiring to gift).

Lipscomb Teams Going:
Volleyball – Malawi Africa
Women’s Golf- Nicaragua
Softball – Baja City of Children


If you would like to contribute a gift to Lipscomb Athletics Spiritual Formation, that can also be done, and is greatly appreciated! Our entire Lipscomb Athletics Spiritual Formation budget and salaries are fundraised; if you would like to give a gift to this program, please click this link: https://www.lipscomb.edu/gift  (select area ‘Athletics-University’ and then designate ‘Athletics Spiritual Formation’).

In advance, THANK YOU!! We are so grateful for the opportunity to share with you the stories that God is writing in and through Lipscomb Athletics. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer, gifts, and support … You are giving to the Lord, and He is changing lives!!! Praise Jesus! 

Lipscomb Athletics Spiritual Formation Directors,
Chris Klotz & Shannon O’Brien

Website: lipscombsports.com/spiritual formation
Twitter: @LipscombFCA
Instagram: @LipscombBisonsSF

Spiritual Formation for Lipscomb Athletics: Higher Calling (Digital Brochure)

This is our Lipscomb Athletics Spiritual Formation brochure.  Take a look through our digital brochure format to learn more about our team, and how you can join us!  Click on the play link above and follow the page tabs to turn the page.

This is My Calling: Jewell Dobson, Lipscomb Volleyball

Jewell Dobson from Lipscomb University Volleyball team shares about her ACL injury and how her identity in being a student-athlete was challenged and later transformed.


Women’s Soccer Video Recap of their Mission Trip in May of 2015

Sports are an incredible platform to meet new people and bridge the gap of culture differences.  This past May, our Lipscomb women’s soccer team returned to El Salvador for a third year to use soccer as a platform, and allow their lives to be a vessel for the Lord to love on the people of El Salvador.  Their time there, is captured on this video, take the trip with them… watch this.

The Power of Prayer in Lipscomb Athletics

The Power of Prayer

This year we have been very intentional as a department regarding PRAYER. We know God is constantly at work in our lives, and to join in the movement through prayer has been an amazing journey. At the start of the year, we asked coaches, faculty, staff, community members and anyone willing to pray for our student-athletes to participate in a prayer campaign known as “555” . Prayer cards were distributed each containing 5 student-athletes names in which recipients of the cards were asked to pray for the 5 student athletes, 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week. The stories and testimony of God’s faithfulness have been overwhelming. Below is a short glimpse capture by our very own Steve Drabyn.

Steve writes, “I have been blessed to be on staff as an Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Lipscomb University for almost two years. I have had the privilege to work with great people of faith here at Lipscomb, including Director of Spiritual Formation and Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach Chris Klotz. Chris developed prayer cards for our student athletes this past fall. As I’ve grown in my faith, prayer is something I have made an effort to improve upon as I have not always been proactive in my prayer life. I was excited to jump in and pick up a card to pray for 5 of our student-athletes for 5 days out of the week.

One of the student-athletes I pray for is Woman’s Softball player Taylor Neuhart. Once I received my card, I looked up each athlete to find out more information about them. I also started following them on twitter, a social media outlet that I am most active on. I have enjoyed keeping up with these athletes and getting to know them. I was hoping that I would run into them on campus at some point.

The week before finals, I was walking out of the student center and spotted Taylor I thought. I immediately asked her what her name was. As she told me her name, she was very confused as to why I was asking. I told her of the prayer cards and that I had been praying for her during the school year. As I was explaining this to Taylor, I noticed a look of gratitude come across her face. She was so genuinely thankful that a total stranger had been praying for her. We made an instant connection and I am looking forward to growing the relationship with her and the other four student-athletes. I am very thankful to God for building relationships through the power of prayer”

Thank you to the many people who pray for our athletes, coaches, competitions, and department daily. It is clear that God hears the prayers of His people and continues to work faithfully in each of our lives. Intentional Prayer will be a significant part of our athletic department moving forward, and if you would like to be involved in 555, please email Christopher Klotz at cpklotz@lipscomb.edu.

Man Time

Burgers. Junk food. Video games. Time spent with brothers in Christ. Man Time.

Mantime #1

On Tuesday, February 10, the male counterpart of Galentine’s Day, “Man Time” took place in the Hall of Fame room in Allen Arena. This night, catered to the interests of all college guys, included more than 4 projector screens set up with different video games and enough hamburgers and hot dogs to feed a small army. The purpose of the night, however, was about something much more meaningful than video games and burgers. Like everything done through Spiritual Formations, the sole purpose of every activity is to glorify our Father, to make Him known, and to form a community that believes in learning and encouraging each other to become the men (and women) that we are designed to be. We asked Alexander McMeen to recap the night from his perspective and this is what he said:

“Although I’m sure the chapel credit was nice for some, I believe God does something special each time he brings men together with the sole purpose of walking alongside one another towards Him. The older I get, and I’ve been here since David Lipscomb started growing his man-beard, the more and more valuable I see time together as brothers in Christ. That macho mask we put on for the ladies is removed. We can be vulnerable. We can be broken. We can be who we were created to be.

Ever since I read a book called Manhood Restored by Eric Mason, the subject of biblical manhood has been on my heart. Actually, it was on my heart long before I read that book, but it helped to fuel the fire immensely. Mostly because my image of what it means to be a man is far from who God calls me to be as a man. Whether you are 10 or 110, every male wants to be a man. But, society’s definition of a man is far different from our calling to be men, and trust me, I’ve put the former ahead of the latter many times. It’s frustrating. It’s exhausting. It’s unattainable.

For our man time, Klotzy brought in one of his good buddies, Cyrus Eaton, to come and speak on what it means to be a man. He asked the guys in the room what society deems as manly, and the answers were spot on: big muscles, not showing emotion, getting all the girls, etc. Turn on the TV or listen to the latest hit song and all of those points will be reiterated.

Cyrus is the definition of a MAN. He wakes up at the crack of dawn everyday to drive hundreds of miles around Nashville to pick up…recycling. The world views his job as less than appealing, but to Cyrus, it allows him to do things he wouldn’t normally do. He spends hours in a truck with guys he probably wouldn’t hang out with otherwise. He loves on them. He listens to them. He cares for them. Just like recycling takes things once tossed aside and makes them usable again, Jesus uses Cyrus to take men once tossed aside by society and makes them alive in Christ again.

His main point was this; real men are humble. Humbling yourself is remembering that your position does not entitle you to anything. Humility means meeting someone where they are at that moment in time. They need a hand up. Humility is taking everything you have, leveraging it, and elevating those who cannot. It is something that is impossible without Jesus.

I love talking about manhood because, as Cyrus said, all men can meet on the subject of manhood. There are broken walls everywhere, and our charge as men is to be wall builders. Our charge is to repair the broken walls of manhood that have been crumbling our entire lives. It can only happen with Jesus. Jesus gives life, establishes our identity, and defines our purpose.

While we have a long way to go to becoming men, it was a beautiful sight to see 60 men gathered in a room, yearning to be the man God created them to be. I boldly ask for you to pray for not only these men, but also all men, myself included. I know the difficulties society puts on manhood. I often believe the lies we are fed daily to become someone we were not intended to be. Fortunately for us, one man has the answer, and He longs for an intimate relationship with us. To that I say thank you, Jesus.”

Mantime #2

If you are looking for somewhere to connect with a Christian male mentor, feel free to reach out to:

Christopher Klotz- cpklotz@mail.lipscomb.edu
Aaron Spragg- ahspragg@mail.lipscomb.edu
Kevin O’Brien- kpobrien@lipscomb.edu

Galentine’s Day Women’s Event

Chocolate. Sisters in Christ. Truth. Worship. Chocolate. Hope. JESUS.


On February 10th, the second annual Galentine’s Day took place in Shamblin theater on Lipscomb’s campus. Galentine’s (a play on the words Valentine’s and gal) is a Christian women’s event open to all women on campus that focuses on looking at what ‘love’ really looks like.

This year, around 130 girls gathered around chocolate fountains, fruit, and coffee to soften the soul and listen to the hope and the truth of God’s Redeeming love. Tam Hodge, author of And Now I Choose, shared about how love was first defined in her young life through personal stories of verbal, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and abandonment from the first half of her life. Now a Christ Follower, “love” has been redefined in Tam’s life.

When we asked Lipscomb cross country runner, Hannah Feiten to reflect on her Galentine’s experience, she said:

“In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace
Ephesians 1:17

Galentine’s day was full of two things that satisfy a girls soul: chocolate and a whole lot of Jesus.

Tam Hodge shared her incredible story of God’s redeeming love in her life. (You can read Tam’s powerful testimony in her book: And Now I Choose).

Tam’s testimony proclaimed of a God who is bigger then sin, a God who is stronger than Satan, a God who redeems. Even when we think we are beyond reach, covered in dirt, stuck in a slimy pit of sin, God is powerful and merciful enough to lift us. Not only does he lift us, but he redeems the situation that Satan has a hold of. In our brokenness, he restores and redeems us to be whole and beautiful! What glorious news!

When I feel weighed down by the weight of this world, as if I am dragging around chains of enslavement, God shines His Truth into the situation – that Jesus defeated Satan, that there are no shackles of bondage on me! For He has broken every chain, in the the atonement of Jesus He has already redeemed me! And through His grace I am able to live in such a redemptive, beautiful, perfect love.

The evening closed in worship, with visual art matching the lyrics to  “Jesus Paid It All” painted by Women’s Director of Spiritual Formation, Shannon O’Brien.   Kass Hodge (Tam’s daughter) led the women in singing as the air was filled with voices of hope and praise – “There is power in the name of Jesus… to break every chain” – What an incredible Truth of God’s redeeming love, who has, who is, and who will, redeem us all (if we choose to let Him)… no power in Hell can stop His Kingdom from advancing!

Galentine's collage
Shannon Galentine's

For more information on Tam Hodge and her new book, And Now I Choose, check out her website: tamhodge.com or order directly through Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1502443783

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post about “Man Time” and how the men spent their Malentine’s (Male and Valentine’s?) together!

Kinzie Icayan Track and Cross Country Runner – Baptized Sunday!

Sunday evening at Ethos church in Nashville, TN, Kinzie Icayan made the decision of a lifetime. She sat amongst friends and teammates in a joy-filled room and water-filled horse trough professing her faith in Christ as she was baptized.

Kinzie shared:  “I have wanted to get baptized for a while but I never felt like I fit the criteria. At Lipscomb especially I felt really incompetent compared to so many other students coming from a strong religious background. I prayed about it for a long time and I got a lot of support from the girls on the team. In the end I found that God didn’t want my competency. I was good enough for Him always even with my imperfections. Looking back now, I know all He has ever wanted was for me to believe that too.”

This is My Calling – Niamh Rawlins of Women’s Soccer Shares Her Testimony

Click the video to watch Niamh share her story.

“Friday was a day of sadness and confusion.  Saturday is about being patient in great affliction.  Sunday is about this new hope and life through Jesus for everybody.”